Research Partnerships

      Our Research Partnership activities are targeted at:

      Fostering joint research across partnering institutions by:
      ● Encouraging international and interdisciplinary collaborations between partnering researchers;● Providing access to research equipment;● Encouraging joint-supervision of postgraduate students;● Creating statements on research issues of national and international importance;● Promoting the development of young researchers in materials engineering in participating institutions;
      Developing materials science and engineering as a career of choice for young people by:
      ● Identifying outstanding young students from all participating institutions as role models;● Formulation regulations to eliminate hindrances to participation in science and engineering for women, racial, ethnic or sexual minorities, and other under-represented groups;● Promoting mentorship and collaborations with internationally recognized researchers;● Recognizing future researchers in the field;
      Creating a bridge between research in the developed and developing world by:
      ● Promoting science as an engine of economic development;● Building capacity for research innovation in developing countries;● Promoting exchange/research visits among participating members    


      ISNNAM promotes joint supervision of postgraduate students amongst the partnering institutions. Our Network also organises series of periodical physical and virtual trainings. These trainings include;

        Pre/post annual Symposium Workshops
        Quarterly lecture series