Meetings and Symposium

      ISNNAM members communicate through organized virtual meetings to provide adequate bonding and share meaningful insights, and meet during annual International Symposiums.

      Our meetings are focussed on

        Promoting learning, discussion, and feedback about research activities.
        Encouraging free discussion, exchange of ideas, and demonstration of methods for practical application of skills and principles.
        Providing high-yield, interactive educational experience on areas of interest.Materials testing and performance.
        Enabling networking with colleagues and participating institutions.

      International Symposium

      We organise an Annual International Symposium on Nanostructured and Advanced Materials. Our Annual International Symposium bring together international specialists working in the areas of nanoscience, nanoengineering, advanced materials and nano-innovations, to discuss the challenges, advance techniques and new frontiers in the processing, fabrication, analyses and testing of nanostructured, nanoengineered and advanced materials as well as nano-devices and nano-systems.